Racing brake pad

The racing brake pad for the grey cast-iron brake system was developed specifically for race track use and improves fading characteristics as well as responsiveness and controllability. The brake pad is characterised by constant friction behaviour over a wide temperature range and very good wear behaviour with low disc attack.

Note: The racing brake pads may only be installed together on the front and rear axles. Grinding applies only to vehicles with grey cast-iron brakes.

Part number: 9GT 698 151 R

Racing brake pads for the front axle (left and right).

Available for:
    • 911 GT3
Price *

€ 991.47 incl. 24% VAT
€ 799.57 excl. 24% VAT

Part number: 9GT 698 451 N

Racing brake pads for the rear axle (left and right).

Available for:
    • 911 GT3
Price *

€ 873.09 incl. 24% VAT
€ 704.11 excl. 24% VAT

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